Daily tech headlines – 24 August 2011

We’ve changed from the weekly round-up to a daily one as the industry moves so fast, news from (potentially) 6 days ago can be seriously out of date! and not of great interest.

The objective here is to provide a number of links to different news articles which are hitting the tech headlines.

We will also look to add additional comment where relevant and where we have time.


As we mentioned on Monday’s blog, the HP touchpad has been cancelled and the price of the device fell through the floor.

Monday evening we started to see Bestbuy /Dabs / PC World etc. drop the price (as we predicted) tocirca  £85 for the 16Gb and £115 for the 32Gb.

They weren’t there for long! Dabs sold there stock in around 15 minutes.

If you are the lucky (or unlucky depending on how you view it) owner of a Touchpad – I’ve placed some links below that may be useful to you.

HP TouchPad apps you need to have

10 Good users for the TouchPad


HP PC business for sale?

Rumor grows each day and is changing from “will it happen” to “When will it happen” and “Who will buy it”. [Read more...]