Daily tech headlines – 25 August 2011

We’ve changed from the weekly round-up to a daily one as the industry moves so fast, news from (potentially) 6 days ago can be seriously out of date! and not of great interest.

The objective here is to provide a number of links to different news articles which are hitting the tech headlines.

We will also look to add additional comment where relevant and where we have time.

It’s a fairly slow news day today with most of the focus on Steve Jobs of Apple and his resignation.


Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs resigns

No real shocker given Steve’s illness over the last few years.

Whilst he’s stepping down as CEO, he will remain with Apple as the Chairman and will remain on the board of Disney.

Many people wonder what will happen to Apple now Steve has stepped down from the CEO role.

I don’t believe much will change (certainly over the next few years) as Apple’s roadmap is fairly well laid out and the chap moving in to the CEO role (Tim Cook) has been acting CEO for a while now.

Some links below to various stories on the resignation and other stories relating to Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs Called Google’s Vic Gundotra on a Sunday About this Icon

Steve Jobs best quotes


You’ve got to find what you love


Steve Jobs – Resignation letter



LG announce scanner mouse (Hey that rhymes…)

A mouse that’s a scanner and can scan up to A3 in size?

Looks like it is available now for circa £90 ex vat.

Video below:

You can save or drag and drop scanned images in a variety of formats — PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF, are just some of the options– by swiping the mouse over it. You can also use the Optical Character Recognition facility that converts text from images into editable text for Word, Excel or whatever document you need.

Looks pretty cool!


In case you are one of the (lucky / unlucky) people who got their hands on the HP TouchPad tablet, here’s another link to some apps that may be useful to you:

Top 10 Free Apps for Your £85 HP TouchPad Tablet via PCWorld http://j.mp/q8217e


Mobile phones could soon be powered by walking? – A new way to get fit?



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